Why Is NASA Keeping Alien Existence From The Public? Government Agency Temporarily Cuts Live ISS Feed After Capturing UFO Footage

The International Space Station is a big part of NASA and plays a big role in trying to understand Space. The investments made to the same cannot be calculated, but the findings may one day prove to be invaluable.

Because of the ISS, individuals on the ground have the opportunity to see what it is like outside of the Earth. However, recent reports are claiming that NASA has taken to the practice off cutting the live stream whenever there is an unidentified object on screen.

Is just so happens that NASA recenty cut off the ISS live feed on July 9, after UFO seemed to be entering Earth's atmosphere. According to Mirror UK, a UFO Hunter that goes by the name Streetcap1 uploaded the video and corresponding cut off. It has not been claimed to be an alien spacecraft. In fact, Streetcap1 admits that it could very well been something man -made. Particularly, it could be a Chinese space cargo ship, either the Tiangong-1 or Tiangong-2. He goes on to share, however, that is definitely not a moon nor is it a meteorite.

However, the fascinating thing is that when the UFO is first seen, the video immediately gets cut off. "What made it interesting was that the camera cut off when the UFO seemed to stop," shares the UFO enthusiast.

Apparently, this is not the first time that NASA has cut their footage short. Oddly enough, every time a UFO is part of the shot, the ISS live stream suddenly goes down. Is this the government trying to decrease speculation?

Naturally, NASA has denied all claims. Mail Online notes that earlier this year, allegations of intentionally stopping the live stream because of the presence of a UFO were denied. In fact, the spokesperson confirmed that the live feed from the ISS is never intentionally cut. To explain the erratic video, NASA says it is due to the loss of signal from the ISS.

Another case was recorded in November. A UFO in the shape of a horseshoe made its way to the screen. After which, footage again was immediately cut short.

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