iPhone 7 Earphones: Will It Be A Lightning Earpods, Wireless Airpods Or The Classic Earphones?

Concerns about the iPhone 7's earphone jack started a few months ago. It was when rumors started circulating about Apple losing the 3.5 mm jack for their next iPhone to give focus on the devices' designs. It might have sounded impossible at first, but these rumors never seemed to have vanished.

With that, it is safe to assume that these rumors are most likely true. But until Apple finally says something about this, nothing is official just yet. What is certain right now is that the iPhone 7 is rumored to have an out of the ordinary earphone connection.

iPhone 7 To Come With Wireless Airpods?

Just a week before Apple's official event, a new rumor came out saying that the iPhone 7 might come with wireless Airpods. This is after a leak came out showing the iPhone 7 Pro's box with such descriptions. Although the leak could be entirely fake, this still supports the rumors that the iPhone is going unconventional with its 2016 release.

iPhone 7 To Come With Lightning Earphones?

Recent reports also suggested that the new iPhone 7 phones will come with the new Apple Branded Lightning-to-headphone adapter. Leaks about this also confirmed the never dying rumor about a new earphones that connect to lightning ports.

iPhone 7 To Come With The Classic 3.5 mm Jack?

The idea that Apple will release the iPhone 7 with a regular headphone jack may already be too far fetched. There have been tens of earphone possibilities coming up online, and people may have already moved on from being angry at Apple for allegedly altering the ports.

While the exact earphone and earphone jack specifications remain a mystery, what is almost sure is that this part of the iPhone 7 won't be ordinary. In fact another news came out today saying that Apple is already giving hints about Beats products that will be announced at their event. If Apple indeed had to partner up with Beats for the new iPhone, then it's safe to say that the next earbuds will indeed be 'special'.

Apple's event is just a few days away, September 7. So if you're too anxious about all these earbuds issues, just wait a few more days and then you can finally breathe. Apple always manages to bring out something new to its fans, so keep in mind that an unconventional earphone jack is never too impossible.

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