Pre-order Details Confirm iPhone 7 Specs And Variants

August 25 was a big day for everyone waiting to get a glimpse of the new iPhone 7. As of 3 o' clock in the afternoon Dubai time yesterday, Goldgenie started accepting iPhone 7 pre orders. The catch? Since Goldgenie is a gold plating company, the pre-orders are for iPhones in 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. A Swarovski adorned model is also available for a higher price.

iPhone 7 Confirmed Specs And Variants

If you don't care for these wealth coated iPhone 7 models, you can still celebrate knowing that everyone now has a lead when it comes to iPhone 7's specs and variants for 2016.

As per the post about Goldgenie's pre-order, it was shared that there will be three iPhone 7 variants coming your way.

There will be an iPhone 7 with a 4.7 inch screen, an iPhone 7 Plus with a 5.5 inch screen, and an iPhone 7 Plus Pro to come with a 5.5 inch screen as well.

As for the storage, two variants were seen - 64 GB and 128 GB.

iPhone 7 Pro's somewhat dual camera system is also worth mentioning. If you look at the picture from the pre-order leak, you would see that the iPhone 7 Pro has a different camera.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7Plus, iPhone 7 Pro Price

Since Apple is yet to acknowledge these said iPhones, the only price details that can be seen online are of the expensive versions of the iPhones.

According to the pre-order post, the gold iPhone 7 starts with a £2,397 price tag. The iPhone 7 Plus starts at £2497 while the iPhone 7 Pro starts at £2597.


Since the said gold plating company is already waiting for the launch before they can deliver the iPhones to those who pre-ordered, it's now easier to say that a launch is indeed coming up.

Apple has been mum about all these iPhone 7 speculations, but at least now a lead has showed up. September is coming up and everyone expects that Apple would finally give their worldwide fanbase all the information that they long for.

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