Instagram's New Zoom Feature Threatens Facebook: Full Details

By Jomar Teves , Sep 05, 2016 03:49 AM EDT

Instagram has just released its newest feature that is available for iOS, allowing Instagram users to zoom in on their own pictures. It is one of the most requested features by Instagram users for many months now.

However, despite the high request rate, the feature is still exclusive to iOS users, and will not be available for Android users until the next few weeks. The new Instagram zoom feature will be out to users in just a matter of a few days.

Here are some of the information about the new popular feature that Instagram has in store for Android phones.

Pinch To Zoom Feature For Instagram Photos

The pinch-to-zoom feature is already present in iOS devices for quite some time now. However, Instagram needs to be more careful in adopting it to Android phone to prevent glitches and other technical issues from happening. After all, it would really not make sense if Instagram, a photo sharing network, would not enable users to zoom in on their own photos. 

Had the feaure not been rolled out, Instagram would have its reputation at stake. Instagram decided to not make it a sudden leap forward, as they confined it first to the iOS market. The pinch-to-zoom featue is a strategic move to make as this would build up the expectations and thrill of Instagram users, as well as improve on the issues that will be discovered from the ones that are already out for the iOS users.

The new zooming feature for Instagram is a very user friendly experience. What you need to do is to just scroll over the desired picture and pinch it if you want to go on zooming it. It is a simple gesture present in all photo sharing networks.

What makes it different and unique is that once you release your pinching gesture, the photo goes back to its default form and size. 

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