Nintendo NX Ups The Ante With NVIDIA's Upgraded 'Parker' Processor

By Jomar Teves , Aug 26, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Reports have resurfaced that tells Nintendo will be using a NVIDIA Tegra processor to incorporate into the NX next generation video game console.

The report from Eurogamer says that the software development kits that are going to be used for the NX will feature the NVIDIA Tegra X1. The latter is a strong and powerful mobile processor that has made its public debut last 2015.

However, despite the fact that the upcoming Nintendo NX will use the popular NVIDIA Tegra processor, most likely, it will not have the Tegra X1.

It is more likely that the Nintendo NX will use another kind of Tegra processor which is hiding under the codename of "Parker". This would make sense knowing that a Tegra X1 chip is a more expensive option to use, which makes the development of a new and more powerful chip a plausible one to think of.

NVIDIA Parker Chip

It is also highly likely that the Nintendo NX will be using an NVIDIA Parker chip instead of the previous X1 one. Drastic improvements have also made its way, from basin the 256 CUDA cores on the Maxwell architecture, and shifting it to the more reliable 256 CUDA cores inspired by the Pascal architecture.

There are also 1.5 teraflops of half-precision (FP16) floating-point performance that NVIDIA claims to have, which is increased by a whopping 50% thanks to the Tegra X1 chip. The improvement will surely be a big hit with the gamers who are inclined into focusing more on the graphics experience instead of the gameplay itself.

The upgrades are a testament that the gaming industry is undergoing drastic improvements to make the gaming experience for everyone a more realistic, surreal, and engaging one.

It is important to note that Nintendo does not take on the market that solely relies on hardware specifications and raw power performance, leaving it to its direct competitors - the PlayStation and the Xbox One.

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