2016 Labor Day Sales: $100 Off Xbox One 1GB And 500GB Consoles

By Jomar Teves , Sep 05, 2016 04:50 AM EDT

Labor Day is one of the major holidays and events that Americans is looking forward to, not only because of the day's nationalistic allure but also because of the huge discounts that businesses usually offer during the holiday.

With the recent release of Microsoft's Xbox One S, together with the upcoming release of the PlayStation Neo in a few weeks, the prices of video game consoles are expected to drop and will surely capture the interest of gamers due to the low prices the machines will be offered at.

Xbox One And Xbox One S Price Decrease

Walmart is the main retailer that offers the biggest discounts for the Xbox One and Xbox One S. One example of this drastic price decrease is the Xbox One White 500 GB "Gears of War" Special Edition bundle that is now only $250, dropping from its original price of $350.

Another example of the huge price drop is present in the Xbox One 500 GB "Quantum Break" bundle that is now only sold for $250, instead of its original $350 price. The Xbox One 1 TB "Tom Clancy's The Division" bundle also experiences a discounted price of only $300, down from the $400 original price tag.

A $100 price decrease for the Xbox One 1 TB value bundle, which comes with "Gears of War," "Rare Replay," "Ori & the Blind Forest," as well as the Xbox One 1 TB "Rainbow Six Siege" bundle is also steering video gamers throughout the world to flock to Walmart.

The popular Xbox One "The LEGO Movie" videogame bundle is now sold for $250, having a price discount of $50. Microsoft's discount spree is not only limited to the direct decrease of bundle prices, but it is also giving out $50 gift codes to lucky people who get it together with their video game bundles - a very good marketing strategy for Microsoft.

The Xbox One S 500 GB "Halo Collection" bundle is also one of the deals that received a $50 gift code and a free game for every purchase of the console.

With this, Microsoft is surely having a huge surge in profits despite the price discounts. With the discounted prices, the company is not losing money from its discounted prices; rather, it is gaining more money from it because more people are buying from it. 

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