Sony PlayStation Neo Review: Specs, Price And More

Sony PlayStation Neo Review: Specs, Price And More
The release of the Sony PlayStation 4 Neo is about to happen in just a few weeks, which is why the excitement continues to build up. Here are some of the things you need to know about the upcoming newest video game console. Photo : Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Sony is in the limelight as of today because of the upcoming release of its newest video game console, the PlayStation 4 Neo, or what others may call as the PlayStation 4.5. With it, several speculations about the latest information on its specs, price, and release date are floating endlessly throughout the World Wide Web.

PlayStation 4 Neo Price and Release Date

There are a lot of rumors that says Sony will release the PlayStation 4 Neo by October, together with the new PlayStation VR headset. Sony - together with Apple's big event on September 7 - will have a press con regarding the possibility of a PlayStation 4 Neo release date.

Despite the lack of official statements regarding the pricing, it is speculated that the PlayStation Neo will be around the values of $350 to $400, making it a direct competitor to the $360 price of the Microsoft Xbox One S.

PlayStation 4 Neo Ultra HD 4K Resolution Gaming

The newest PlayStation 4 Neo will most likely feature an Ultra HD Blue-ray player drive. It is known that Sony is patronizing the use of Blu-ray for its movies, making it highly possible that this might be the real deal.

An HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 together with an upgraded processor and GPU will also come with the PlayStation 4 Neo. This will enable Ultra HD gaming and not just an Ultra HD movie viewing.

Microsoft's Xbox One S is outcompeted by Sony as it only supports Ultra HD movie viewing and not Ultra HD gaming.

PlayStation 4 Neo Specs

The PlayStation 4 Neo will be powered up by a strong 2.1 GHz Jaguar octa cores, instead of the 1.6 GHz of the standard PlayStation 4. The RAM would be similar to the previous PlayStation 4 with 8 GB of RAM, but will run at 218GB/s instead of the standard 176GB/s.

Surely, the PlayStation 4 Neo will be the ultimate video game experience for gamers out there. It is obviously way better than the Xbox One S, as it gives the user a full Ultra HD gaming experience and a more hardcore computing power.

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