PlayStation Neo Vs Xbox One S: Everything You Need To Know

Technology is indeed changing rapidly now, and as time goes by everything is improving. One concrete example of this is the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray technologies that offer High Dynamic Range and UHD resolution.

However, Ultra HD Blu-ray players are very limited in stocks and is way overpriced. Luckily, one can now get an Ultra HD Blu-ray player that can also function as a video game console.

You need to know the best one for you.

Currently, Microsoft has released the Xbox One S for £250, while Sony is still rumored to be finishing the development of its PlayStation Neo. The Xbox One S features a drive tray that can load and play not only video game discs but also the Ultra HD Blue-rays too, making it a combo.

It boasts a 4K resolution at 3840x2160, while also being capable of rendering HDR quality. It has a very High Dynamic Range of light, making the viewing experience a lot better while having a very good picture.

The color quality is also far more superior to that of the standard ones. Even though the Xbox One S features an up-to-date processor, and a highly improved graphics and memory, it still doesn't support a 4K resolution gaming experience.

It still needs to have a hardware that will give a 4K and HDR video playback feature. Microsoft has officially announced that its Project Scorpio is developing the next gaming console that will offer the much-expected 4K gaming experience.

On the other hand, PlayStation Neo is said to be capable of offering a 4K gaming experience. This then means that it will be priced more than its Xbox One S counterpart.

Meanwhile, the Project Scorpio is yet to be released in 2017. This will feature 4K resolution gaming, but it will be priced more.

Consumers need to wait and see if these are indeed worth having. Nonetheless, it is made to give one the best gaming experience there is.

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