'Pokemon Go' Art Inspirations: Twitter Artist Puts Together 'Disturbing' Hybrid Pokemon Images; Rattata & Paras, Weedle & Oddish, Psyduck & Dodrio Worst

By Lizzie Mefford , Sep 07, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" terrifying Pokemon hybrid monstrosities images were created by Twitter artist BrachyZoid and posted on his account. The images are suggested to be Pokemons that are fused together, especially crafted by the artist.

The Twitter artist reportedly took his inspiration from "Pokemon Go" creatures that are seen spawning in the same spot. The scenarios make it look as though the Pokemons are actually fused together. The hybrid Pokemons have been the inspiration of Twitter artist BrachyZoid in bringing the scene to life through his drawings.

Apart from his "Pokemon Go" art, Twitter user BrachyZoid has already been drawing disturbing pictures of hybrid Pokemons that are submitted to him by other "Pokemon Go" fans. His drawings reportedly imagine what hybrid Pokemons would look like if they were actually joined in together and not just clipping through one another.

Some of his drawing include Rattata with Paras claws, Weedle bursting from the head of a dead Oddish. Reportedly, the most unnerving is Psyduck with the three heads of Dodrio that are sticking out from the top of its skull.

It may be safe to state that most of the "Pokemon Go" hybrid arts of Brachyzoid are gross. However,  there are a couple drawings that are not so upsetting as well.

Some of Brachyzoid's drawings that are not so gross include his imagination of Krabby with a Doduo on its head. He made the art look like it is dancing to a disco music. He also drew a Doduo and Geodude mashup which has spawned its own series of fan arts of people who enjoy seeing a buff Dodou.

"Pokemon Go" hybrid Pokemons drawn by Brachyzoid is believed to serve as a reminder to developer Niantic that it has a long way to go in improving the game. Reports claimed that if Niantic aims to continue making profit out of the game, it should be able to retain its fans by keeping the updates coming on a regular basis and glitch-free if possible. Watch the "Pokemon Go" compilation of best pictures here.

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