Super Mario Hits iOS Devices: Nintendo Expands Its Reach with Stickers and New 2D Game Mario Run

During yesterday's Apple iPhone 7 keynote piece, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto showed up onstage to reveal the all-new Super Mario Run game and a Mario sticker pack for iOS.

Super Mario Run - Gameplay and Features

Super Mario Run is the first Nintendo game to take off as a standalone smartphone game, aside from the social-focused app Miitomo that is available now in iOS. The game is expected to hit iOS this holiday season and the iTunes listing for Super Mario Run says that the game will be for free with in-app purchases. Other sources, however, state that the game will not be for free

Players of the game will not control Mario's movement instead, just tap down on the screen to make him jump. This allows players to play the game on the go with just a single hand. Players win the game by collecting coins as fast as they can before time runs out.

Together with Super Mario Run's single player coin-collecting gameplay, the game will also feature a multiplayer mode called Toad Rally. Players can contend against players around the world in an attempt to collect as many coins as possible. Players can compete against their friends as well by the use a friends' list.

Shigeru Miyamto Talks Super Mario Run

"We want as many people with smartphones around the world to enjoy playing as Mario, and we're doing it first on iOS. And we're doing it in a brand new game called Super Mario Run. The magic of Mario is that anyone can pick up a game and instantly start playing. This time, we've made it even simpler to begin.

As the title suggests, Mario runs automatically to the right, and as he does he'll hurdle small gaps and certain enemies. It's very simple and the movement feels great. With just a tap of the finger anywhere on the touchscreen you can make Mario jump, and the longer you tap, the higher he jumps. This is key to getting high scores.

Being able to play one-handed means you can do so while holding onto a handle on the subway, while eating a hamburger, or while eating an Apple!" Shigeru Minamoto said at the Apple event.

Super Mario stickers will also be coming to iMessage together with the game. As these two both are still being developed, more gameplay information remains to be seen. As it is, however, both Nintendo and iOS just got a boost in their mobile gaming market. 

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