Apple AirPods Review & Specs: Are They Really Worth $170

Apple finally bid adieu to their obsolete headphone jack and welcomed the wireless AirPods. The news about Apple killing its headphone jack has been making rounds in the tech world even before the iPhone 7's release.

The moment news broke out that the headphone jack will no longer be a part of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apple fans were divided, half of them rejoiced as this could mean wireless headphones while the other half wondered why? Either way, all the Apple fans will love the headphone jack replacement. The AirPods are wireless headphones and it is Apple's gift to their faithful fans.

Listening To Music On The iPhone 7 Without Headphone Jack

There are two ways iPhone 7 and 7 plus users can still listen to music even without the headphone jack. One way is tp connect the AirPods via Bluetooth and the second option is to plug wired headphones into a lightning port, says

The AirPods are equipped with a special W1 chip that allows the wireless headphones to pair with the iPhone immediately. The chip obviously eliminates the hassle of pairing annoyances that we often experience with regular Bluetooth. While Apple's Bluetooth have improved over the years, it's still not as flawless as we hope it to be.

Apple AirPods Playback Feature And Siri 

The Bluetooth pairing process is impressive, but the AirPods aren't done blowing us away. The AirPods playback feature is smart, it won't play music on your phone if you aren't wearing them in your ear. There are little sensors that notify the AirPods if you are wearing it or not. It will play if you have both of it resting in your ear canal and it stops once you pull out either one of the Airpod.

If you double tap the side of the AirPod, it will activate Siri and you can ask her to turn up the volume for you, play back music or ask her to search something for you online. While the headphones may be wireless, it is still equipped with a mic at the bottom of each AirPod.

Apple AirPods Sound Quality

USA Today reports, the new AirPods does not have a noise cancelling feature, but it has the power to block out external noise. Since the microphone is finely tuned, you can talk to Siri clearly even if you are in a loud and noisy crowd. As for the music, you can expect that you won't hear any bass. Only full, loud, crisp and solid high notes as opposed to wired headphones.

Apple AirPods Battery Life

Apple AirPods lasts about five hours and if it ever runs low on battery, you can always charge it in its handy dandy carrying case. It doubles as a battery pack and it can recharge your AirPods for another 24 hours. Although, you don't feel like charging it for too long - just pop it in the case for 15 minutes and you can enjoy 3 hours of listening time.

There are other wireless headphones that are far cheaper than the AirPods, but they won't come with the same features though. AirPods are priced at $170 and for a pair of earpods equipped with high-end tech, it seems like the price might be just right.


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