Apple's Wireless Headphones To Solve iPhone 7's Audio Jack Problem

There have been many rumors circulating about the removal of the audio jack in the new iPhone 7. It received enormous backlash from people who are using popular wired headphones. An official Apple document might shed some light on this problem, however.

Wireless Headphones Are In

The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEU) has published a document filed by Apple in its updated registry. According to Apple Insider, the EEU receives "notifications concerning characteristics of encryption tools and products."

Apple revealed that there will be a pair of wireless headphones in its upcoming products. The said headphones will be dubbed as "AirPods" and it currently has an active status in its certification.

However, this does not necessarily confirm that they were made specifically to solve the problem in iPhone 7. In fact, they might be for a different purpose. Apple has become more innovative in its products, as well as other companies. They simply have to come up with something new to keep up with their competitors.

Is The Audio Jack Really Out?

There's no official word yet that Apple will indeed remove the 3.5mm audio jack in the iPhone 7. Consumers will have to wait for the device's official launch to find out. According to, on September 7, Apple will be presenting its products at a press conference. Then, Apple will be able to confirm or deny the rumors.

Apple Is Moving Forward

The plan of removing the audio jack will give a huge blow to many consumers. When the iPhone 7 is eventually released, reactions might not be favorable to Apple. However, if it's true that Apple is developing wireless headphones, this news might suffice their disappointment. 

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