'Overwatch' Patch 1.03 Review: Play Of The Game Predictable? Best Gameplays Here

By Lizzie Mefford , Sep 08, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

"Overwatch's" Play of the Game (POTG) is reportedly full of mystery with gamers figuring out their quadruple kill. It has a perfectly timed emote only to be ousted by turret bursts.

Questions surrounding PotG have been cleared by the "Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan in a recent forum post. Below are stats of the characters of the latest patch (1.3):

In Quick Play, Bastion tops the list followed by Genji and Torbjörn. Meanwhile first in Competitive Play is Mercy followed by McCree and Reaper.

The "Overwatch's" Mercy is reportedly the only abnormality which the company is already seeking to resolve, Kaplan said. Ana and Lucio reportedly had the lowest number of PotGs, since both characters do not possess a big burst, an AoE attack, or a team-wide mega-revive like Mercy.

Overall, the "Overwatch" reportedly went as expected. The Turrent Boys and Genji clean up in quick play.  There are two teams in quick play: the ones that are lost against turrents and the ones that steamroll them with precision. Meanwhile, McCree and Reaper dominate competitive, with high close-range damage and nightmare ults.

At first, stats may seem to reinforce that the "Overwatch's" PotG system favors characters that generate absurd offense in short bursts. Meanwhile, defensively oriented characters and supports remain on the sidelines. This system is reportedly what Blizzard is constantly tweaking with new variables as they have mentioned in the past.

The system is believed to be dictated heavily by the "Overwatch's" "on fire" mechanic and may be prioritizing characters that are not damage-dealing death robots. It remains unclear whether the system will keep track of teamwork and the pivotal moments may be at odds with "Overwatch" goals about teams working as well-oiled machines.

"Overwatch" PotG System may have been accepted by most gamers while others have completely ignored it saying that the ranking does not really mean anything which may be a sign of the system's failure. Watch "Overwatch" top 10 plays of the game:

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