'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News: 5 Pokemon That Are More Likely To Have Alola Forms

By Lizzie Mefford , Sep 08, 2016 04:23 AM EDT

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" are reportedly two of the most highly-anticipated games from Nintendo this year. The two-year gap may have been used to implement major changes to the Pokemon series. One of the notable changes is the Alola version for the original Pokemon characters.

Several characters are listed below to suggest an Alola version in "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon". Additionally, characters like Vulpix, Exeggutor, and Sandslash, are officially getting Alola forms.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" may need Brock's Rock/Ground-type Onix, which needs to improve its thwarted typing and lacklustre stats. Steelix--Onix's evolved form, may be a strong character but Onix is expected to get a new Alola form and type with Metal Coat to give it back its original evolutionary track when it is obtained.

One of the most controversial Pokemon may be Jynx, which is Smoochum evolved. Jynx already went through a few pigment changes but have not been chosen much by users. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" may give Jynx an Alola form that may overhaul the look and combating  abilities of the longstanding Ice/Psychic-type.

The flying-type Spearow and Fearow is an option that can easily be overshadowed by characters like Pidgey and all its resulting evolutionary form. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" may help Fearow with a more frightening design such as a Dark or Ghost Flying-type, so it could live up to its fearful name.

Butterfree was one of the first final evolutions that has given Pokemon Masters access to several moves that helped to leave the competition in the dust. However, there was a portion where Butterfree could no longer hack it, leaving it in Bill's Pokemon Storage System. The Bug or Flying-type Pokemon may need an overhaul for it to regain its glory for "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

Seel/Dewgong may have been sidetracked in recent years with the easily disposable bland typing of the water and ice creatures. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" can give new aesthetics for the duo that can give the horned-seals new life with sufficient possibilities from a competitive or typing standpoint.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is expected to be released in UK on Nov. 18 and may be pre-ordered from Amazon or GAME for £39. Watch Alola forms and Z-Moves for "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon."

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