PS4 Pro Says Old-Gen PS4 Owners Can Enjoy 4K System Too! Here’s How

By Lizzie Mefford , Sep 09, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

PS4 Pro may be used by the original PS4 users if they transfer their data onto the new console. According to reports, the PS4 gamers can utilize the features through an Ethernet cable, enabling them to copy and transfer videos, games, screenshots, saved data and other details.

PS4 Pro, the upcoming game console, has been much awaited by some gamers, and for others who are still using the original PS4, transferring to the enhanced version is still a big question. However, with Sony's recent announcement, the PS4 players can now move to the new 4K enabled-system. In addition to this, the data transfer across PlayStations between two PS4 consoles will be enabled, whether it is a Pro, a Slim or the original model.

However, stipulations are involved when moving information from one platform to another. According to reports, a similar user account is needed to be able to sign in to both systems, since the upcoming Update 4.0 for the PS4's system software will have to be installed.

Although Sony has yet to announce the date of release for Update 4.0, the company confirmed that it will unveil a firmware update, along with the PS4 Slim release sometime next week. However, it is also unclear if the software is going to be version 4.0.

Sony fans are already excited to experience an easier way of transferring data, but for now, they can back up one PS4 to an external hard drive and then restore the data on the second system, or they can also log into to their PlayStation Network account on their new console and re-download manually the previously purchased items.

According to reports, Sony is putting all their resources in order to ensure the success of PS4 Pro. However, it remains to be seen if the fans are going to respond positively to the console upgrades.

PS4 Pro is scheduled for release on Nov. 10. Meantime, PS4 Slim is expected to unveil on Sept. 15. Watch the PS4 Pro 4K Games here.

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