'Super Mario Run' iOS Exclusive? Here Are Several Reasons Why It's IMPOSSIBLE!

"Super Mario" game called "Super Mario Run" has been announced to arrive to Apple's iOS devices. However, users on Android devices may have to wait a little longer as Nintendo decided to release the game exclusive to iOS platforms initially. Reportedly, the game developer believes on the stability of the iOS platform.

"Super Mario Run" reports claimed that it seems unlikely that Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto really intended to release "Super Mario Run" exclusively to iOS devices. Some claimed that Apple has paid Nintendo to have "Super Mario Run" serve as a timed-exclusive game for iOS platforms. But this is just a speculation and not confirmed yet as of this posting, Game Rant reported.

Miyamoto, however, clarified that "Super Mario Run" should be available for Android devices around 2017, while it has been established that iOS users would be able to play the game in Dec. "Super Mario Run" is the first official mobile game of the Nintendo's "Super Mario" franchise.

Meanwhile, it can be noted that this is not the first time that Android platforms are late in getting the big apps and games. To recall, Bethesda's "Fallout Shelter" was initially released on iOS as well while Android users needed to wait for a month to play the game. Another app that took time to release on Android apart from Super Mario Run is HBO's streaming app which was also a timed-exclusive for iOS.

It is unclear whether Apple works to obtain the exclusivity deals of the said games to its own platform in order to give consumers an incentive to pick up an iPhone over Android smartphones. Unfortunately, Android devices are being employed by different companies which makes it less likely to see an exclusivity of high profile deals such as "Super Mario Run" for its platform, The Verge reported.

"Super Mario Run" may take time until it reaches Android platforms but at least it will arrive to the platform eventually. While Android users wait for the game, some are reportedly interested to see if "Super Mario Run" would drive the declining sales of Apple's iPhone lineup. Watch the "Super Mario Run" themed levels here.

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