Microsoft Claims Xbox Live Is Reliable & Faster Than PlayStation Network - Shots Fired

Whenever speed is of great concern, Xbox Live has totally owned PlayStation Network. At least according to a study performed this summer, whose outcome covers a comprehensive report by IHS Markit, an analytics firm. Microsoft had shared the results, along with a possible new witty tagline for Xbox Live: "the fastest, most reliable gaming network."

Microsoft and Sony's online performance were compared by IHS Markit in a sequence of tests, this enabled them to rate speed and stability over several indicators. The images below reflect what seems to be noticeable differences in services. It shows that Xbox Live outperforms the Playstation Network all over majority of the categories, reports.

For a sense of reliability, IHS Markit has even tested the time it requires to login for each of the competing networks, setting priority the initiation speeds and then simplified processes. On this round, PlayStation Network was beaten by Xbox Live, in all categories except one: PlayStation Network, according to this study, is a wee bit better with regards to matchmaking.

With regards to speed, it is reported that the survey was "based not only on how quickly consumers could connect to a gaming network, but also on how quickly gaming tasks could be completed," These would include logging in, lag, load times, matchmaking, and last but not least: getting friends to join a game. The results were pretty much the same, as illustrated below; PlayStation Network slightly performs faster at finding players, but Xbox Live, at the end of the day, is much quicker letting players log in and at uploading data.

In summary, IHS Markit settles that Xbox Live has beaten PlayStation Network in terms of log in, enjoining friends to parties and also voice chat quality, which was just based on subjective data but averaged. Not to worry about PlayStation Network as it has a consolation when it comes to matchmaking, the firm reports.

As of this writing, no comment has been acquired from Sony about the report, which has been duly noted by Microsoft on July 2016. Yet the creators of Xbox One have started incorporating these data into market content which forwards their banner on being the best when it comes to multiplayer experience.

This may not be the end of the performance wars as Microsoft has gotten more moods to hammer down Sony with regards to performance, especially after yesterday's 'not-so-impressive' hardware specs Sony just revealed with PS4 Pro.

Will we see Xbox One's Project Scorpio as a titan of hardware specs compared to PS4 Pro? Hit us with your thoughts below.

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