Overwatch Guide: How To Use Zenyatta’s Orbs In Support Of Teammates

By Benjie Batanes , Sep 10, 2016 04:57 AM EDT

Overwatch players simply knew Zenyatta as an Omnic monk who plays a supporting role mostly to offensive and tank team members. His Orbs could either kill opponents or heal allies.

Getting Acquainted With Zenyatta's Orbs

1. Orb of Destruction - This is Zenyatta's main weapon. He could fire it singularly or in multiples. The Orb Volley however, will take Zenyetta a few of seconds to fire each time.

2. Orb of Harmony - Zenyatta uses this to heal fellow teammates. However, Mercy's Caduceus staff is far superior when it comes to healing.

3. Orb of Discord - Opponents who are attached to this orb will received 30 percent more damage than normal.

Zenyatta Orb and Placement Strategy

Overwatch Team members beforehand should agree that any opponent who gets the Discord Orb will be the priority target, according to Your Overwatch. Zenyatta is also more effective behind the offensive and tank team members. He can also unleashed his offensive powers behind the tanks and at the same time heal those who critically need it.

Overwatch Heroes Zenyatta Should Watch Out For:

Zenyatta is generally viewed right now as an offensive support team member. Some Overwatch heroes can counter his abilities and even kill him. Genji can use Shuriken with Swift Strike is deadly and can cause heavy damages. Tracer could be quite fast even for Zenyatta. Her Recall ability neutralizes Zenyatta's Orb of Discord.

Reaper can also neutralize the Orb of Discord in his Wraith Form and two solid shots can put Zenyatta out of commission. Reinhardt's Barrier Field ability stops Zenyatta's Orb of Destruction and Discord right at its tracks. Widowmaker can dispatch Zenyatta with a solid shot or two especially if he is low on health. Zenyatta has trouble avoiding Winston's Tesla cannon. The Orb of Discord also has no chance against Winston's Barrier Projector.

The Overwatch storyline features Zenyatta as an Omnic monk who left the Shambali group to follow his own beliefs.

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