Overwatch Competitive Play PC Tips: How To Improve Weapon Aim & Accuracy

Overwatch competitive play could be quite brutal. Like any First Person Shooter (FPS), having a good aim and highly accurate hits can propel players up to the ranks.

Overwatch Tips to Improve Aim and Accuracy

1. Mouse Sensitivity - Before anything else, players should adjust their mouse sensitivity first. For Windows 8 up to Windows 10 users, go to Mouse and Touchpad settings > Additional Mouse Options > Pointer Options.

Make sure that the Pointer Speed is a notch closer to the Fast side and the Enhance Pointer Precision is turned off. Players will notice that their mouse pointer will move faster and can be quite disconcerting at first, according to Overwatch Central. But with enough practice, the player will get used to it.

2. Mouse and In-game Dots Per Inch DPI) Adjustments- Players can adjust the DPI in their mouse and in-game to further boosts their accuracy. Players can adjust the mouse's DPI by updating the driver software. The higher the DPI, the more accurate the aim will be.

Adjusting the computer's DPI is a matter of choice and preference for the player. The rule of thumb is to adjust the DPI to around 800 and then adjust accordingly. Players will need to play several Overwatch matches to determine what DPI adjustment suits them.

3. Overwatch Practice Range - There is an Overwatch practice range where players can test their new adjustments with several of their favorite heroes. Adjusting the Reticle option can also help player's aim.

4. Ergonomic Positioning - It could be quite difficult to accurately aim your opponent in Overwatch if the player is not positioned comfortably. Player should make sure that the mouse pad and keyboard are set in position that will allow elbows to be bent at 90 degree angle, according to eSports Center.

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