MacOS Sierra: How To Install Apple's New Operating System With Ease

By Adie Pie , Sep 22, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Downloading an operating system is relatively easy. Some may argue that the decision to is harder than the actual act of obtaining the update.But with Apple's new macOS Sierra, there is hardly any debate. The Cupertino-based company truly improved on its previous operating system by including various important features.

How Do Download macOS Sierra

The operating system is already available for download at the Mac App Store for all older Mac products. However, purchases of new Mac products will already have macOS Sierra installed. As Fortune notes, this is the first OS that is being branded as a "macOS," as previous systems were named OS X.

What Comes With macOS Sierra: The Negatives

Of course, the new operating system, despite several beta testings, is not perfect. According to Tech Times, some early users have reported that products tend to either crash or freeze on the new macOS Sierra. There are also complaints that there is not enough drive space to download the new OS.

What Comes With macOS Sierra: The Positives

Despite its flaws, there are plenty of positive aspects and improvements that arrive with Apple's newest operating system.

Arguably, the biggest addition to Apple's line of Macs is Siri. The virtual assistant has long been available in the company's line of smartphones, but is only now making its way to desktops and notebooks.

MacOS Sierra also allows users to copy and paste directly from a desktop or notebook to an iPhone and vice versa. Furthermore, sharing content between items is also made easier because of the iCloud Drive, which Mac products are now compatible with.

What Products macOS Supports

The new operating system is compatible with MacBooks that were built on or later than the second half of 2009, MacBook Pros released since mid-2010 and any MacBook Airs were released in the second half of 2010.

Meanwhile, macOS Sierra is compatible on Mac Minis released on the latter part of 2010, as well as any iMacs purchased late in 2009 and Mac Pros from late 2010.

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