MacOS Sierra Officially Launched: 5 Features Apple Improved

Apple's macOS Sierra has been released, replacing the old OS X that used to run on Apple Computers. Users are eager to update their Mac devices and share what the new operating system has in store for them.

Apple macOS Sierra Free Update

The macOS Sierra update was released on Tuesday as Apple declared during the iPhone 7's launch event. It's a free update that every Mac user can download, install and take advantage of. Everyone is curious what macOS Sierra is about and according to a report published on The Wall Street Journal, Apple's macOS Sierra came with five very interesting and highly useful features. 

Apple macOS Sierra Syncs With iCloud

Apple macOS Sierra free update is making sure that transferring files from your Mac computer will no longer be that tedious. As soon as you save a file on your desktop, your Mac computer will sync with your iCloud and transfer the file. You can easily access files from your iPhone, iPad and whatever Mac device your iCloud is logged into, CNET reports.

Apple macOS Sierra Lets You Use Stickers On iMessage

After Apple released the iOS 10 update, sending messages via iMessage has been taken to a whole new level. Apple fans can now exchange messages using dramatic effects like the invisible text, the laser effects, GIFs and Stickers as well.

Unfortunately for Mac users who are still running on El Capitan or even earlier like OS Mavericks or Yosemite, they are not able to receive the messages and experience the effects. With macOS Sierra, Mac users using their devices to reply to their friends and family can send and receive stickers. And what better way to express your emotions clearly these days than sending a sticker from iMessage, right?

Apple macOS Sierra Came With A Friend: Siri

Say Hi to Siri after you install macOS Sierra. Apple's digital personal assistant is no longer exclusive to iPhones as it comes to Mac computers as well. With Siri on your Mac, searching for sports scores, images, tweets and buried emails are made easier for every Apple fan's convenience.

Apple macOS Sierra Notifications And Customizable Widgets

Along with the macOS Sierra free update is the chance to customize your widgets to your liking. The notification tab comes with a new look and you can keep it if you want. You can customize it by adding widgets that you want to easily access from the notifications tab.

Apple macOS Sierra Gives iTunes A New Look

Apple gave iTunes a new look for macOS Sierra. Even if iTunes should have been redesigned long ago, Apple finally did it for macOS Sierra. You won't find it hard to navigate around the new iTunes. There are still some familiar features and settings, it just comes with bigger and bolder fonts.

Installing the new macOS Sierra doesn't offer much change, but there's no harm in trying it out. The update is free and a first-hand experience and feel of the new operating system may expose you to new features that have been missed and long-requested.


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