'One Punch Man' News And Updates: Tatsumaki Joins Saitama And Genos in Nendoroid Collection

With the phenomenal success of "One Punch Man" anime and manga series, the hit franchise recently added a new action figure in its Nendoroid Collection.

Good Smile Company has recently launched pre-orders for the newest addition in their "One Punch Man" Nendoroid line-up. This time, the "Tornado of Terror" Tatsumaki will join the collection and is expected to release this February 2017.

The S-Class Rank 2 hero sports calm, collected expression as well as a combat expression fit for battle scenes. Tatsumaki's naturally curly green hair is interchangeable with a more messed up version after using her esper powers. The toy also comes with debris to control with her esper skills perfect for recreating some psychic action scenes from the series.

Nendoroid Tatsumaki costs ¥4,444 ($43.75). Good Smile Company is currently accepting pre-orders until Oct. 20. Tatsumaki is the third "One Punch Man" Nendoroid following Saitama and Genos which went on sale last year.

Nendoroid Saitama comes with interchangeable head parts featuring different expressions - one with his cheerful face and the other one with a fiercer look for battle scenes. Saitama also comes with a shopping bag from the Munageya super market that brings out the calmer, normal side of him. The toy also comes with numerous posing options like a more defined fist punch and folded arms for a more heroic look. He also comes with two interchangeable capes - the standard cape which simply drops down at his feet and the other one being blown to the side with his astounding force.

On the other hand, Nendoroid Genos comes with three face plates including the standard look, combat expression for action poses and a damaged appearance after a tough battle. Genos also comes with an apron and broom to show his normal side.

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