God Of War 4 Update: 4 Things We Know So Far

If there's one thing that the community is excited for from Sony, it's no other than God of War 4. First unveiled back in Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June, fans have since then anticipated its arrival. The sad thing, though, is that no official release date has been unveiled. Nevertheless, here are 4 things that we know about the game.

God Of War 4 Gameplay Is Over 100 Hours

There have been talks about God of War 4 only featuring a total of 100 hours gameplay. Obviously, this has disappointed a couple of fans who are expecting more from the next installment. Fortunately though, creative director Cory Barlog shed some light, stating that the rumors are all false - the title's gameplay is more than just the aforementioned length.

The New God Of War 4 Combat System

God of War 4 isn't just all about veering away from the old Greek mythology and jumping into a ride to Norse mythos. The forthcoming title's combat system, in particular, is quite unique to the franchise as a whole. As previously reported here at iTech Post, the feature is going to introduce a more fast-paced action. Heck, even Barlog himself deemed it as something that is "satisfying as hell to play." Although nothing much has been revealed about the combat system, it's believed to be offered in a brand new package.

No Mini Games In God Of War 4

According to Game & Guide, fans of God of War 4 shouldn't expect mini games. It's worth noting that the latter is highly celebrated in the previous installments. Moreover, it was also Barlog who confirmed it, stating that they want the game to focus more on its story and adventures. If that's the case, players can expect the soon-to-be released title to be more about Kratos and his journey along with his son.

God Of War 4 Release Date

As already mentioned, Sony has yet to unveil an official release date for God of War 4. However, as reported by AttackOfTheFanboy, it's very likely for the tech giant to unleash it sometime in Fall next year. And of course, it's only going to be made available for PlayStation 4.

What are your thoughts on God of War 4? When do you think will it be released? Are you also excited with the upcoming title? Share us what your expectations are at the comment section below!

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