Nintendo NX Reddit Rumors: What Fans Are Saying About The Next-Gen Console

By Adie Pie , Sep 26, 2016 04:05 AM EDT
The Nintendo NX is arguably one of the most talked about devices of 2016 - amazing, considering how tight-lipped the gaming company has been. And so, fans of Nintendo have taken it among themselves to imagine what the console will be like. (Photo : CTNtechnologynews/YouTube)

Technology news is normally exciting, especially when it promises to be something completely different from its competitors. For this reason, and so much more, fans of Nintendo have been eager to learn anything about the upcoming Nintendo NX console. And yet, the company has refused to reveal or confirm anything about the device. In substitute of the same, fans have started to simply talk amongst themselves.

What Has Nintendo Done

As Business Insider notes, Nintendo has kept infamously silent on the specs, design and features of the Nintendo NX. The only things that have been confirmed are that such a console exists and that it will be available by March 2017.

What is even more frustrating, however, is that various game developers have already expressed their own praises at the upcoming console. And yet, no actual details have been provided.

What's Going Around

The Nintendo NX subreddit is possibly one of the most active threads on the website. There are numerous discussions going on and ideas that are being shared. Of course, these are not without reason. Fans have taken widely accepted "facts" of the console and infused the same with their own ideas.

Nintendo NX - Design

It has been reported time and time again that the Nintendo NX will be a home console and portable console hybrid. The actual design, however, is still unknown. One Reddit user has theorized that the console will look very much like the Nintendo 3DS. However, there will be no screen at the bottom half of the device, which will be the controller for the NX. Furthermore, the upper half, which is a screen, will be detachable. The detachable screen is also what processes the game and can be attached onto a television set.

Nintendo NX - Multiplayer Gaming

Another Reddit user expressed how great it would be if the NX had the same local multiplayer feature as the DS. This of course would only require one cartridge for playing. Seeing as how the NX is supposedly tapping into cartridges again, this is a very possible feature.

Nintendo NX - Voice Chats

Another user asked if the Nintendo NX would include a feature for voice chats. But seeing as if this is standard to all gaming consoles at this point, it is highly likely that Nintendo will add the same. After all, it is fairly simple to disable the feature for users that prefer gaming without it.

Nintendo NX - How It Will Beat Sony And Microsoft

One user makes a fine point in saying that Nintendo needs to be smart - and likely is being smart - about its upcoming release. Nintendo has never had the power that Sony's PlayStation or Microsoft's Xbox has had. Therefore, the company needs to win by making the upcoming device more appealing to more than just hardcore and everyday gamers. The obstacle is not in manufacturing the best console, but in manufacturing the most widely acceptable one. In essence, Nintendo will need to appeal to various groups - children, casual gamers and harcore gamers - with the NX.

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