Nintendo NX Rumors: Upcoming Nintendo Console Release Date This Year?

By Benjie Batanes , Sep 27, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Nintendo NX rumors about its release this year was sparked by a British retailer. It earlier posted a landing page for the upcoming console including release date and sales price.

Tesco's Nintendo NX Landing Page Reveal Details

British retailer Tesco recently posted a landing page for the upcoming Nintendo NX which also included a launch date of December 31, 2016 and a sales price of £349.99 or roughly the equivalent of USD 450. However, the Tesco Nintendo NX page was updated several times before it became unavailable for public viewing, according to Nintendo Life.

Tesco Nintendo NX Posting - A Mistake?

Some industry observers believed that Tesco may either erred in posting a Nintendo NX sales page or a deliberate move to inform prospective buyers that it will soon have the upcoming consoles on stock.

Nintendo NX Reveal in October?

It is also possible that Nintendo will soon reveal the mysterious console on October. This is probably the reason why Tesco made a Nintendo NX landing page but inadvertently made it public before closing it down.

Critics point out that both the date and price are merely "placeholders". This means that they simply put there for testing purposes. Tesco however, has not yet made a public statement about the snafu.

Nintendo and Tesco

Tesco has a long working relationship with Nintendo and the retailer has supported Wii U console by continuing to sell despite lack of market demand. However, the Wii U console cost at least £250 ($325) which is makes the upcoming NX pricier.

Nintendo NX Competes With Other Consoles

If the USD 450 Nintendo NX price tag is true, then it will directly compete with Sony's PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 Pro which also share the same price tag. Nintendo will really need to convince the market that its upcoming NX console is worth it.

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