Samsung Galaxy S8 To Be The Most Powerful Game-Friendly Phone Yet

Next year's flagship phones seem to be more exciting than what the market has today. Now that most flagship phones for 2016 have already been released, heads are now turning towards what's next. One of these upcoming phones is the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung is known for its very competitive flagship phone specs, and it looks like the Galaxy S8 won't be a disappointment in this regard.

Latest News About Samsung Galaxy S8, Graphics

Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 news suggest that Samsung might be using the Mali G71 GPU. This could lead to a big improvement over the S7's performance. It also means that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be the most premium smartphone for gaming and VR next year. It is unusual for smartphones to have its graphic processor as its key selling feature, but Samsung might change that with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Latest News About Samsung Galaxy S8, Processor And Cameras

According to a source, the Galaxy S8 will come with the highly anticipated Snapdragon 830 processor and get a very big boost in the camera department. It was said that the S8 will have a 9 MP front camera and a very surprising 30 MP rear camera. Samsung never takes their phones' cameras for granted, and this sure is proven by the possibility of a 30 MP rear camera for the Galaxy S8.

Latest News About Samsung Galaxy S8, More Specs

Furthermore, according to the same source, the Samsung Galaxy S8 2017 will have 6 GB RAM, 2160 x 4096 resolution, 4200 mAh battery, and a built-in projector. Overall, the Galaxy S8 would probably be the best smartphone for next year, granted that other brands don't cope up with the said specs and if the Note 7 controversy won't happen to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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