Galaxy S8 Rumors: Samsung To Go All-Out For Next Flagship After Galaxy Note 7 Disaster

The Note 7 explosion saga may finally be going to a halt now that the replacement units are in and the device is about to re-enter the mobile market. However, this doesn't mean that the company is already safe from criticisms. In fact, it's still hard to determine how much time it would take for the stain on its image to come off. However, if there is one thing that is for sure, it would be that the company is taking these things seriously. According to rumors, Samsung might even have a lot of new surprises for their next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

It looks like fans are in for a treat as Samsung is likely going to treat the S8 as its token of apology for its consumers. According to recent reports, the company might go all out on its next flagship to cleanse its name from the damage done by the Note 7 controversy. Here's what's been heard about the Galaxy S8 so far.

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Come With Immaculate Display For VR Compatibility

It is quite rumored that Samsung will give at least one of its Galaxy S8 variants a 4K display that will have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This will not only provide the most vivid screen there is, it will also make VR integration a much more pleasurable experience.

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Have Two Curved Screen Variants

It has been mentioned many times that Samsung might finally be ditching the flat screen unit for the Galaxy S8 release. According to a report by Forbes, the company might go for two curved screen variants that differ in size. Instead of having a difference in physical shape, the S8 devices might focus on their internal differences.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Ship With A Dual Lens Camera

Although rumored to be shipped in the Note 7, it looks like the dual lens camera system would instead show up in the Galaxy S8. Skipping the Note 7 in using the dual lens camera might have been a good decision for the company considering the losses that they have already been through without using that technology.

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Ship In Advance

An IBTimes report said that Samsung might be releasing the Galaxy S8 in advance, at least according to different analysts. One analyst said that if Samsung is to delay its S8 release to the end of Q1 2017, the potential for revenue in the mobile business division might get worse in that year. Another one also said that Samsung could fix the sales challenge brought about by the Note 7 by releasing its new flagship, instead of trying to increase the sales of the Note 7.


Although solid announcements from official Samsung representatives are still scarce, it is safe to assume that the company is planning something big for its next flagship release. If indeed Samsung is to release the Galaxy S8 earlier than expected, then it will be in no more than five months. However, if the release date is still the same as the other Samsung S smartphones, then fans could expect the Galaxy S8 to be launched sometime between February and March next year.

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