‘Overwatch’ Halloween Content Leaks; Blizzard Fixing Roadhog Broken Hook?

"Overwatch" Halloween content recently leaked, revealing what Blizzard plans to have as treats to its players. Although some of these are not directly included in the datamined files of Public Test Realm, they still appear to be part of Winston's short film, such as Torbjom as the Viking and Mercy as the witch.

"Overwatch" Halloween Content

The voice lines in "Overwatch" were also noted, as Tracer could be heard saying "Oh, scary!" and Genji responded by explaining about his Halloween costume Cyborg Ninja. In addition, some players are reportedly associating the Halloween update to Sombra, given that her name means Shadow, including all the skulls in the ARG storyline. Although this may likely be connected, reports indicate that amomentincrime.com has reached 76.4071 percent at the time of writing, which means it is likely to finish by mid-October.

"Overwatch" Roadhog's Hook

Meanwhile, "Overwatch" has seemed to have been dealing with problems concerning Roadhog's hook. Based on reports, it appears to be defying physics, as it goes through walls, jumps over the hook or even around a corner. In fact, there have been theories claiming that it could be a hitscan attack, and that the lag was responsible for its shaky mechanics. However, that is not the case.

Under the implementation of "Overwatch" engine, Roadhog's hook is actually a sphere being thrown out, searching for targets while it moves. According to Blizzard, once the hook finds its target, its pulls them back. The game developer also confirmed looking into different improvements to fix odd edge cases, where a target is out of sight or unable to be moved back Roadhog. They also denied the previous speculation that it is a hitscan attack.

Given that, it further explains why the faulty hook mechanics could not be fixed when the server tick rates increase. Since the hitbox is basically a sphere, it is unlikely to perform beyond where it is supposed to work.

Sombra reveal leak? Release date soon? Halloween event datamine and speculation [Overwatch]


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