'The Sims 4' DLC Update: Jasmine Holiday Is Back

The Sims 4 will unfold a new update timely to celebrate the Day of the Dead. It would also be a perfect upgrade to match the upcoming Halloween.

According to Game N' Guide, new costumes, recipes and decors have been added to the game to eventually match it to the Halloween. Not just that, a former character would be back in the game. Jasmine Holiday would be in town up until the fourth of November.

The official website of the game revealed that Jasmine would be visible for the Day of the Dead Holidau challenge. Sources also reiterated that users could own the "Ask for Sugar Skull" to be able to get all the collections of sugar skulls in the display case provided.

International Business Times further explained that when all available pieces are taken from the NPCs, a final sugar skull will be achieved, hence collection will be completed.

As the final sugar skull is given a new interaction termed as "Honor The Dead" would be unlock.

The maker, Electronic Arts, promises that the downloadable content for "Sims 4: City Living" would be exciting and interesting. To add more, the maker also revealed that singing Sims with the help of the Karaoke would be a possible part of the expansion. They could either sing in their abode or in San Myshuno.

It is promised that the feature could produce genres like jazz. This could also develop the Singing Skill of one's Sims. The karaoke feature is set to be launched on November.

Sources also told that players will have a chance to relate with the Grim Reaper through the new moodlet. This would give the players a greater of probability of gaining success in pleading for another life.

The new update would also feature Create-A-Sim items, including accessories and decorations. Sites also stated that Dead of the Dad candles, wall hanging and sculpture will also be provided in the game upgrade.

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