13 PS4 Tricks That You Still Might Not Know About

By Jupiter Isidro , Oct 08, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Sure, the PS4 has been around for almost 3 years now but we bet you didn't even bother to check if you already know all of its tricks hidden right under your nose. Likewise, to those who just saved up enough moolah and finally got their hands on the console, congratulations! You're just in time to learn its neat tricks on top of its awesome hardware capability to play today's excellent console titles.

Also, we all know that the PS4 Pro is coming so sales for the PS4 will soon spike just like what happened to the Xbox One sales which skyrocketed after the release of the Xbox One S. So we figured it would be best if we post this list of tricks that will very well come in handy when you smell that 'brand new' aroma when unboxing and turning on that console for the first time. 

The guys at Looper are kind enough to generate such list and we are happy to summarize and convey it for you. So pause that game and check out these tricks. They might come in handy one day or maybe even right away.

Tip 1 - Charge Your PS4 Controller with A Phone Charger

You've read that right. The major improvement for the PS4 over the PS3 is that it does not require a special charger or being plugged in to the console itself just to charge the controller. This is pretty convenient when your couch is set up far away from the system. All you need is to have a convenient power outlet near where you sit, plug that phone charger, and charge that PS4 controller - even while playing!

Tip 2 - Sync Your PS4 to Your TV

If your TV is compatible with the PS4 then you can sync it. If so, go to Settings, System, then tick the box for 'Enable HDMI Device Link'. You can do a lot of neat stuff like using your TV remote to navigate in your PS4 menus, put the PS4 to rest if your TV is turned off, turn the TV on when turning on the PS4, etc. Pretty neat, huh?

Tip 3 - Use Your Phone as Keyboard for the PS4

By using the PlayStation app, you can connect your phone to the PS4 and use it as keyboard. This is pretty handy when typing long searches, or maybe chatting up with your crew. This method is lot faster than using the Dual Shock 4.

Tip 4 - Voice Commands

Yes, just like Siri or the voice command for Xbox One, you can command the PS4 some basic functions with your mouth. You will need either a headset with microphones enabled or the PlayStation camera. The voice command takes some time for you to adjust though as background noise tend to interfere.

Tip 5 - Download PS Plus Freebies Across Your PS4, PS3, and Vita

Now, this one is a bit off with the other items on the list since it will not work using the PS4 menu alone. You need to login to your PlayStation account via browser and we recommend doing this on a PC for convenience. You may also use the PS4's browser to login. Once in, all you need to do is click on all the month's freebies across all your owned PlayStation devices, 'purchase' them, and hit 'download.' Your devices will automatically download them for you once turned on and online.

Tip 6 - Pre-Download Your Pre-Orders

If internet connection is a bit of an issue for you, then the pre-download feature will definitely help. It allows you to download necessary game files ahead of the release time. Once the game is available, you can play right away without the hassle of waiting.

Tip 7 - Share a Game Even For a Bud Far Far Away

Do you have a game that you want your buddy to check out without him purchasing or borrowing your disc? You can actually use the Share Play feature to let your bud fill the Player Two spot. Also, you can share the Player One spot, just like handing over your controller when both of you are in the same room.

Tip 8 - Save Controller Battery

The Dual Shock 4 has a light bar on top, which would indicate the player's color. Sad thing is, light bars cost battery power. To avoid draining your controller's battery right away, you can actually dim it via the PS4 menu somewhere in the settings.

Tip 9 - Watching Movies

The PlayStation 4's Media Player app enables you to open videos, music, and images. Plugging a USB drive is the easiest way to do this though you can also connect via home media server. Please avoid piracy when using this feature, as it is intended for personal files.

Tip 10 - Upgrade Your Hard Drive

Sony has posted simple instructions on how to upgrade your default 500GB to a more spacious hard drive. Be careful with those delicate parts though and don't lose those tiny screws. If you aren't confident to do it, we suggest bringing your PS4 to a shop near you.

Tip 11 - Narrate Your Gameplay

The PS4 has a dedicated 'share' button where you can share your gameplay video or screenshot. What's not really emphasized is that you can actually do a voice-over on your videos. Just when you are about to share, look for the part that has 'options' in it, you will eventually find the voice-over option.

Tip 12 - Face Detection

The PlayStation camera isn't just for dancing or gesture-based games; it also has a face detection feature. This is very useful when there are multiple users on the PS4. All you need to do is turn on the unit and allow the camera to scan your face, in you go.

Tip 13 - Play Music While Gaming

You can actually play songs in the background while playing your favorite game. In case you get tired of the usual in-game music, you can turn it off via settings. Once setup is done, go to the PS4 dashboard and turn on your Spotify or any music app. Play some playlist, then go back to your game, the music will keep on going while you are currently playing your game.


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