iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel: Apple Takes The Lead in Benchmark Results

The Google Pixel is the latest Android to challenge the iPhone 7. However, it seems that its Snapdragon 821 still cannot compete with Apple's A10, according to the latest benchmark results.

The Pixel and Pixel XL's Snapdragon has two 2.15 GHz cores and two 1.6 GHz cores. The handset managed a score of 1,580 for single-core and 4,100 for multi-score, as per Apple Insider. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, on the other hand, uses the A10 Fusion Processor that has two high-performance cores at 2.34 GHz and two high-efficiency cores. Apple's products scored 3,430 in the single-core test and 5,600 in multi-core also in Geekbench.

iPhone 7 Beats Google Pixel

Right off the bat, it can be noticed that the iPhone 7 scored way higher than the Pixel. This only means that the raw processing power of the former is significantly better than Google's bet. Furthermore, it is not only the iPhone 7 that bested the Android flagship.

The iPhone 6s Plus also scored higher in both single-core and multi-core tests with results of 2,508 and 4,106 respectively. The iPhone SE also reportedly scored higher, but figures are unavailable.

What Does This Mean For Google Pixel?

The results do not actually translate to a better day-to-day performance. There are a lot of advantages the Pixel have over the iPhone 7 and vice versa. At this point, it is hard to tell which smartphone or phablet is at the top spot since consumers have different tastes.

However, Apple has been certainly beating competitors left and right. Previously, the iPhone 6s Plus managed to outperform the Galaxy Note 7 in a speed test. That is considering that the Samsung phablet sports a quad-core Snapdragon 820 with 4GB of RAM, while the Apple device has a dual-core A9 chip with only 2GB of RAM onboard.

This only means that better specs on paper do not equate to a better performance. The iPhone 7 and Google Pixel have just launched, so there are still months to discover what they are fully capable of. 

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