Why Google Pixel is Better Than the iPhone 7

Google has just launched the Pixel, the newest high-specced Android that Apple needs to watch out for. With its specs, can it beat the Cupertino company's latest flagship, the iPhone 7? In some ways, yes.

Google is clearly targeting Apple as evident in their marketing stint for the Pixel. The paper specs are definitely impressive, but what exactly will make the Nexus successor take the lead against the iPhone 7?

Headphone Jack

Google did not certainly fail to mention that the Pixel still has the 3.5mm headphone jack, a feature that is missing from the iPhone 7. Following the huge uproar when Apple ditched the audio jack in favor of the Lightning Port, the 3.5mm hole is a welcome traditional feature to fans of high-end phones who may still have yet to choose which smartphone they will upgrade to.

Virtual Reality

The search engine giant also announced Daydream, a VR headset that costs only $60. It is fully compatible with the Pixel and Pixel XL, as per BGR, and fans can definitely enjoy playing VR titles with their new Google phones and the headset.

On the other hand, this technology may have yet to come to the iPhone 7. The iOS does not have its own VR app store yet, so finding VR titles to play on Apple's smartphones can be tough.

Unlimited Photo and Video Storage

With every purchase of the Pixel comes unlimited use of Google Photos, the company's own cloud service that offers storage for photos and videos. It can be noted that Apple also offers its own version, the iCloud, which has limited storage unless the user pays for more.


The iPhone 7 snaps pretty great photos. That is undeniable. But Pixel may have taken the lead in this race as DxOMark recently gave its camera a score of 89, three notches higher than the iPhone 7. On paper, the Google phone sports a 12MP rear camera with dual-LED flash with an f/2.0 aperture.

It can be noted, however, that the iPhone 7 still has its own merits, such as the optical image stabilization and the ability to capture RAW images.

While the Google Pixel has its own advantages, the iPhone 7 is still not to be taken lightly. Right now, it is up to the unique needs of consumers to determine which one is the right smartphone for them.

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