'Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Spoilers: Justina Machado To Join Series; Actress To Play Rogelio's Strict Matchmaker

By Marion Villareal , Oct 11, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

"Jane the Virgin" season three is already a week away, and teasers for the upcoming season just keep on coming. Just recently, it has been confirmed that a matchmaker will be dealing with Rogelio's love life, but what rules does she have for the hopeless romantic?

"Jane The Virgin" Season 3 Premiere To Shock Audience As It Did To The Cast

There have been reports claiming that the season three premiere of the series is going to be shocking, as confirmed by the cast of "Jane the Virgin" themselves. According to the actor Justin Baldoni, he was even a little sick during the first reading when he found out what the plot of the first episode will be. There is definitely something big to expect in the upcoming season three premiere.

More Stars To Join And Guest In Upcoming Season Of "Jane The Virgin"

There have been actresses set to join "Jane the Virgin" in the upcoming season three, including Kelly Rutherford from "Gossip Girl." She is going to portray the role of Jane's boss but her effect on the latter's life shall still be determined. However, she is just joining the series as a guest star further along the season.

It has also been confirmed that actress Justina Machado will be joining the series, to help Rogelio in his quest for a new love. She is going to play the role of a matchmaker that has strict rules when it comes to her concept of dating. However, it looks like Rogelio may want to stir away from her rules once in a while which will then create a conflict. However, could it be possible that the matchmaker herself is a match made in heaven for Rogelio?

Will Jane Finally Lose Her Virginity This Season? The Greater Question, To Whom?

One of the greatest questions for the upcoming "Jane the Virgin" season three is Jane's romantic interest that will become her first sexual experience. It has been an event that fans of the show have long been waiting for, and they are hoping that it will finally happen for their favorite character this season.

"Jane the Virgin" season three is set to premiere on October 17, 2016.

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