‘Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Spoilers: Michael Is Alive; Jane To Finally Lose Her Virginity To Rafael

Season 3 of mock telenovela "Jane the Virgin" is about to storm out of the gates in a month's time, and there are some juicy spoilers that have been circulating around as of late.

The first teaser trailer has been shown and it gives fans a hint about what will happen with Michael (played by actor Brett Dier). The trailer shows what viewers all have seen in last season's cliffhanger which was Michael getting shot at his wedding night. Well from the looks of things, it seems like he will survive the event but will be in a coma.

The question would be, how will the titular character, Jane (played wonderfully by actress Gina Rodriguez) deal with this new development?

Season 3 might be the season that Jane will finally lose her V-card. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman, discusses the landmark scene for the TV series by saying:

"There's obviously a lot of tension and question marks over that" - Jane will have sex during the first half of the season. "It's keeping me up at night," says Urman, she continued by saying, "We want to give real expectations, knowing that it doesn't always come together all at once."

Well, that is definitely one highly anticipated scene fans will sure want to witness.

So what fans really want to know is, will Rafael be the lucky guy?

Spoilers suggest that Jane's first sexual experience would be with Rafael. It definitely makes sense given that Michael will be in a coma and that could push the two former flames towards each other.

Although the main problem is there's going to be another man that will further complicate Jane's messed up love life. Actor Miles Gaston has been slated to join Season 3 of "Jane the Virgin" as one of Jane's old crush.

If these spoilers for Season 3 of "Jane the Virgin" are true, then this year is definitely a don't miss affair for fans of the TV series. The latest season will air on October 17.

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