OnePlus 3 Plus Specs, Release Date: Snapdragon 821-Powered Smartphone Coming Soon?

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Oct 11, 2016 12:57 PM EDT

OnePlus recently released OnePlus 3 out in the market but there are rumors brewing about a bigger sibling called the OnePlus 3 Plus coming soon.

OnePlus 3 Plus Rumored Specs

After disregarding the rumors about OnePlus 3 Mini, analyst Pan Jiutang mentioned that OnePlus 3 Plus, a better version of its predecessor is on its way, according to Phone Arena.

Though Jiutang did not announced the Android phone, Tech Times reported that OnePlus 3 Plus will be powered with the updated Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC and a 3,900 mAh battery, a 30 percent increase from the current flagship's capacity. As for RAM, it is expected that it will sport the same, if not better, memory configuration as its smaller sibling, which is at 6GB RAM.

The screen of the OnePlus 3 is an AMOLED display with a measurement of 5.5-inches and with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Given the screen size and quality of its predecessor, OnePlus 3 Plus is expected to have a screen size of 6 inches with a display of 1440x2560 pixels. 

The availability of the OnePlus 3 Plus is still unknown as it remains a rumor for now.

OnePlus Phones Can Compete With Global Phone Companies

The performance of OnePlus 3 is as fast as LG G5 and HTC 10, according to a report on International Business Times. The consumers are positive that the next model of OnePlus will be better than its predecessor. With the increasing fans of the Chinese company, the number of critics is also increasing. Thus, it might promp OnePlus to consistently release "flagship killers" with low pricing.

Next year, OnePlus is expected to build a OnePlus 4. Pei said that it will have a 5.5 to 6 inches screen because the battery will not fit in a 5-inch device. More news about the OnePlus 3 Plus should emerge soon, if rumors prove to be true.

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