Kim Kardashian Inspired Halloween Costume Irks Fans

Costumeish just released a new Halloween costume called "Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit", which is reported to be inspired by Kim Kardashian's robbery incident. However, fans are not at all pleased.

The costume includes a white robe, sunglasses, long black wig, rope, gag and a fake $4 million diamond ring that costs $69.99. Although its description did not directly mention Kardashian's name, it did say "America's goddess of all things glamorous" and "the Queen of Social media"

According to Costumeish vice president, Johnathon Weeks, it was upsetting that people did not see the humor in what they did. "I'm sad that people are offended by it, but it is Halloween. It's one day out of the year," he added. Halloween is supposed to be "light-hearted, spirited party" and everyone should see the funny side of it, the vice president added. He also clarified that the company has not sold even one yet.

"If people find it tasteless or they are offended by it, it's Halloween. Maybe you should just shut your life out and not go outside." He said.

Meanwhile, fans who were not pleased with the idea took their opinion to social media . One user said "A Kim Kardashian-themed Parisian robbery Halloween costume, quite possibly the most distasteful and awful thing I've seen today. #thatsnotok"

And due to the negative feedback the company has received about the alleged Kim Kardashian inspired Halloween costume, the company has decided to remove it from their site and tweeted "Due to the extensive out-lash we have decided to remove the "Parisian Heist" costume from our website. We are sorry if it offended anyone."

Aside from the "Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit", the company has also included a "Donald the Wall Builder Halloween Costume" this year which is reported to be inspired by Donald Trump wearing a red-brick suit and holding an American flag.

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