BMW 5 Series 2017 Teased In Leaked Videos And Photos

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Oct 12, 2016 12:06 PM EDT

The German automaker BMW will be introducing a seventh edition of its Series 5 model for 2017 on Oct. 13. But before the event, leakage of videos and photos of Series 5 are all over the internet, which promptly caused a massive hysteria for car enthusiasts.

BMW's 5 Series 2017

Based on the pictures leaked online, the BMW 5 Series 2017 looks like a smaller and sleeker version of BMW's 7 series. It has livelier proportions especially on its rear that sports a short and thick back, flowing trunk hood and raked windows.

While the size may be different, the aesthetics are almost the same with 7 series because of its switchgear and layout. Also, the dashboard has a high-resolution digital instrument and an infotainment system, Car Scoops reported.

BMW introduced Cluster Architecture (CLAR) that involves strong-quality steel, carbon fiber and aluminum modules and components for lessening the weight by as much as 220 pounds. Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) was also used by BMW for a ligher car.

The engine of BMW 5 Series 2017 is a 2.0-liter B47 diesel and B48 with gasoline four-cylinder units and a 3.0-liter B57 diesel and B58 gasoline with six-cylinder engines. A turbocharger with gasoline and M performance parts are included as well, which means it will carry a high standard level of functionality, design and service. In simpler terms, the engine will be powerful.

For the first time, the BMW 5 Series will be a plug-in hybrid. Rumors are circulating that some of the technology of Series 7 will be included on the newest version of Series 5 as well, according to Auto Express.

BMW is also planning to release autonomous cars by 2021. The German car maker will be calling its self-driving cars as "iNext." BMW CEO Harald Kruger said that the first autonomic car will be named i8 Roster.

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