BMW Autonomous Cars In 2021

BMW fanatics should be happy about the company's future plans on its luxury cars. A lot of news talks about making cars autonomous in the near future. In fact, automobile giant companies have already made tests on its prototype units. Surely, there will be lots of it running along the highways in the coming future.

According to a post via PC Mag, BMW -- the luxury car maker -- will be launching its autonomous cars in 2021! They called the said car as "iNext." BMW CEO Harald Kruger said that prior to its release plan in 2021, they will be launching first a BMW i8 Roadster. Then the iNext will follow in 2021. This car is the company's new innovation driver, with autonomous driving, digital connectivity and intelligent lightweight design. Moreover, the CEO stated that they have actually made and tested autonomous cars back in 2006 and 2011. He added that it will be for a while before these cars reach maturity due to legal settlements for customers. There is no specific law that lets self-driving cars to be running in public highways.

According to Automotive News, the CEO said that the sedan will have a new interior and offer a cutting edge electric powertrain. He added that this luxury car will be the centerpiece of BMW's effort for its position in the market against its rival -- the Tesla Motors. The CEO even stated that despite BMW's century-long success in the market, this innovation is just a springboard to the future successes. He assured that these autonomous cars will give the drivers the freedom to choose between driving it automatically or manually; after all, it is the driving that makes a hobby for any driver.

The car innovation has led people to futuristic mindset. It changes the lifestyle, perception and even self motivation of any individual. Just like these futuristic cars. They boost the morale especially to those avid fanatics.

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