MacBook Pro 2016 Will Have The Longest Battery Life Of All Apple Laptops

The iPhone 7's release was a sure hit. Now Apple is looking to make a huge splash once again with the upcoming release of its MacBook Pro 2016, which is definitely another widely anticipated device to be released by the Cupertino-based tech giant. Fans have already been waiting since June, and as its official launch draws near, people can't help but be a lot more excited as the day's pass by.

Speculation is brewing about the upcoming MBP 2016

Speculations and rumors are swirling online, with fan greatly anticipating its specs and features. But despite all the hype, Apple still seems to be silent and has not released any official statement regarding the Macs official features.

If the rumors are right, Apple is going to be unveiling the MacBook Pro 2016 any time this month. Along with an enhanced look, Apple also exerted that the newest Mac would be 25% faster than its predecessors.

But for a Mac to have that huge of a jump in speed and performance, a powerful processor would definitely be needed. Right now, Apple has fixed its decision to go for the all-powerful Intel Skylake processor.

The MPB 2016 will be the most powerful Mac to date

With a very capable chip installed, it will definitely open up opportunities to for some additional features on the MacBook Pro 2016. Along with it would definitely by the improvement in terms of longevity of the device's battery life.

But despite that, Apple will still literally upgrade the Mac '16's battery as well. And as widely being discussed by many, a much lighter and slimmer MacBook Pro 2016 is expected this year, along with a much flatter keyboard

Release Date

If specific dates are to be considered, the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is anticipated to be released on Oct. 27, alongside the iMac 2016. There also a possibility that the MacBook Pro 2016 will have a 4K screen and AMD Polaris graphics processor, which is absolutely perfect for gaming.

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