Nintendo NX Release Date, Update: New Console May Be Officially Called Duo

A leak shows that the Nintendo NX might actually be called Nintendo Duo, but it may been disproven. Photo : Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Nintendo NX's official name was supposedly leaked a few days ago. According to the leak, the Japanese company might be planning to name the console Nintendo Duo. However, it may have just been proven to be false.

Those who actually liked the name Nintendo Duo would be heartbroken. The Duo moniker is actually fitting for the dual-purpose platform, which would market itself as a home and handheld console in one gadget (with different parts). Even so, the supposed creator of the image has come forward, revealing that the Nintendo NX leak is fake.

Nintendo NX Might Not Be Called Nintendo Duo After All

Shorty following the rumors that spread like wildfire in publications and rumors, the Twitter user @VOOK64 posted a Twitter image with the caption "Hey kids." The photo shows the Photoshop program with the exact words and the Duo logo, seemingly confirming that the previous Nintendo NX leak actually came from him.

To recap, an image that is going around the internet bears "Nintendo Duo." This sent the fans and industry observers into a frenzy. The Nintendo NX name that the internet has been familiar with has been suggested to be not the official name.

The image also shows "Software Partner Briefing" with the words underneath it blurred out. It was assumed that it contains confidential information, such as the date and location of the event. This did add some sort of credibility.

Now, the image has been proven to be fake, so we can continue calling it Nintendo NX until it has been officially revealed. Nevertheless, it is highly likely to be called something else. The PlayStation 4 Pro was previously known as PS4 Neo, so there's that.

But Is The Leak True After All?

There's just one thing that guys overlooked. Actually, it can be noticed right off the bat that the words "Software Partner Briefing" was larger than in the initial leak. Furthermore, the blurred phrase underneath does match that of the Photoshop image.

Then, the Twitter user later admitted that he just recreated the image with the words, logo and everything on Photoshop because he was "bored."

"I did it to prove a point about how people just report on anything they see," he said. Well played, though how can we know you're telling the truth this time?

So, there you have it, the leak has not been disproved yet. Meaning, we might actually see the Japanese gaming company announce a Nintendo Duo soon instead of the Nintendo NX. Though as the Twitter user suggested, we really can't believe anything on the internet.

Instead, we'll just have to wait for official news regarding Nintendo NX that should come from the company itself.

Nintendo NX Reveal And Release Date

As we previously reported, there are no confirmed details yet except that more information will be publicly shared within the year. We might finally see a grand reveal happening soon, hopefully before this month ends. There are reports claiming a Nintendo NX announcement on Oct. 21, but this is also a rumor so we should take it with a grain of salt.

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