Horrifying Kitchen Scene Demo For Resident Evil 7 Out Now For The PlayStation VR

The Resident Evil franchise has already proved that these are definitely one of the best horror video games of all time. Now, for yet another epic installment guaranteed to keep the Resident Evil fans coming, Capcom is giving gamers another reason to love and hate (mostly hate for the obvious reason) zombies with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard to be released on Jan. 24.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR is out now and for fans of the macabre, there will be no shortage of VR horror games for you which includes Here They Lie and the PlayStation exclusive, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. But of course, Resident Evil on PSVR is a treasure that deserves to be on every gamers' wishlist. For one, it has been reported that Resident Evil 7 virtual part will be exclusive to the PlayStation VR for a year. That means, your friends who have an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift will have to wait for an excruciating period of 12 months before they can get to play (by then, you have already finished the game with flying colors way ahead). Another exciting feature is that you are now able to download the Kitchen demo, exclusive of course for those with a PlayStation VR headset.

Resident Evil Kitchen Demo

Those who already have their PlayStation VR units, download the Resident Evil Kitchen demo now at the PlayStation store. Additionally, the Kitchen demo is also ready to play on the PSVR that comes with a demo disc bundled with the VR headset. And just a bit of a trivia for you, this tech demo is the main reason why Resident Evil VII came to be a reality (pun intended). And yes, the kitchen demo is free for download, so there is no logical reason for you to miss this out (unless you really have a traumatic experience with zombies).

Resident Evil Beginning Hour Demo vs Kitchen Demo

Resident Evil VII Kitchen demo is different from the Beginning Hour demo available for PS4, so don't get confused! Resident Evil Beginning Hour demo along with its Twilight Version update are pretty awesome too as they reveal a more comprehensive demo of Resident Evil 7 gameplay. For the Kitchen demo, it showcases PlayStation VR hardware's amazing potential.

Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo still has quite a number of unsolved mysteries but don't worry, Capcom is on its way to wrap those things up before the final game's release. Though the Kitchen demo isn't quite as important as the Beginning Hour demo, this free-to-play demo is still worth checking out so gamers will know what to expect from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in PlayStation VR. As a PSVR timed-exclusive, the game is specifically optimized to fit perfectly with Sony's PS VR hardware and PS4.

Here's how Resident Evil 7: Biohazard would be like on PlayStation VR, when cowards play: 

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