PlayStation VR Launch Title: 'Here They Lie', Upcoming Psychological Horror Game Already Dubbed As One Of The Best VR Titles

Gamers have been trying to decipher what exactly the upcoming first-person horror, Here They Lie, is all about the moment it got revealed at E3 2016.

At first glance, the game's undeniable simulation of a neverending nightmare becomes the speculated main theme for the game while others took time to analyze and believe that this is just a mystery game cloaked in psychological fright-fest. Whatever the game actually is, scaring the heck out of the player is one sure thing, especially when experienced via PlayStation VR.

Based on the footage below, the protagonist follows a mysterious woman wearing a golden dress while going thru a color-less setting that has shapeless features that are always changing its shape and distorting the players' senses. On top of the unsettling dream-like concepts, Tangentlemen - the game's dev, sprinkled a few freaky NPCs. Characters on frightening masks and a very creepy creature with antlers, as Game Rant reports.

Before it has even rolled out, Here They Lie has been deemed to be potentially one of the best VR games. As of this writing, only the trailer describes best about the game as little information about it has seen the light. Players may think about spending their money for the game as it would require the VR headset for the full-on experience. With that said, it is more likely that gamers will have to wait for further details to be revealed before they can even think of purchasing the title and at the same time the PlayStation VR.

Aside from Here They Lie, PlayStation VR fans are also waiting for titles like White Day - a Korean horror game as another exclusive for the head gear. Another anticipated title is Resident Evil 7, one of the pioneering series when it comes to survival horror.

Here They Lie is set to roll out on Oct. 13 to promote the PlayStation VR, a physical release will be following on Nov. 12.

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