Will Update 1.4 Make Tom Clancy's The Division Easier Or Perfectly Balanced?

Just a few weeks ago, the developers of Tom Clancy's The Division released the game's Public Test Server. It gave players -- who are in the PC platform -- an opportunity to test any upcoming updates or features. This is primarily designed to shape update 1.4, which is deemed to bring the title back to its former glory. Now, the question is: Will it perfectly balance the game, or will it only make things a lot easier than before?

The Public Test Server for Tom Clancy's The Division has just entered Week 4. This is basically the final stages where the devs are focused on fixing the game's infamous mechanism -- the Difficulty level, that is. In the official Twitter account of the game, the studio announced the arrival of PTS as well as its patch notes (as shown below).

Since the release of the aforementioned Tom Clancy's The Division server, there has been a debate going around the community as well as in the game's official forum site. The topic, well, is the Difficulty of the game. Others believe that with update 1.4, it'll perfectly balance the aforesaid level. However, there are those who claim that'll only make things easier.

In light to the ongoing Tom Clancy's The Division debate, Ubisoft has specifically dedicated Week 4 in fixing the issue. With the recent information that the studio unleashed, it seems the other side of the coin (those who believe it's perfectly balanced) is right -- at least for the time being. That, in one way or another, the title's difficulty settings are now better and well-balanced.

For instance, as per Ubisoft, the difficulty level of the so-called Underground Challenge Mode in Tom Clancy's The Division has been adjusted to group size. The latter refers to both of the enemy's health and damage, moving away from the usual term of it being in enemy quantity. And not just that, players are expected to face more enemies than in the past, whether they play solo or in group.

Add to that, Tom Clancy's The Division loot system in the Underground expansion has been lowered a bit. This is to ensure that the increase of enemies in the game won't be synonymous to more loot. Ubisoft clearly wants to make things more balanced than ever before.

With update 1.4 just around the corner, it' safe to say that lots of interesting things are going to happen to Tom Clancy's The Division. And as soon as the Public Test Server ends, it's very likely for the aforesaid update to be released by then.

What are your thoughts on Tom Clancy's The Division Public Test Server? Were you involved in this project? How was the experience so far? What are your expectations? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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