Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.4 Is Enough To Bring The Glory Back

Since day one, lots of Tom Clancy's The Division fans have been anticipating for update 1.4. From the fixes all the way to the improvements it'll bring, they have been wondering what exactly these are. Fortunately, the studio has recently released its patch notes, giving the community a concrete idea of what it's all about. And by the look of it, it seems enough to bring the game back to its glory.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the Public Test Server for Tom Clancy's The Division was unleashed. Thanks to it, players (on the PC platform) are able to access all the forthcoming features for the said update. Different elements were tested, giving the studio an idea of which ones to consider.

One of the coolest thing about Tom Clancy's The Division update 1.4 is the change it's bringing to both gears and weapons. In particular, players will now be able to mark these items as favorites. Doing so will prevent them from selling, dismantling or even sharing.

Moreover, the titular Tactician Authority set in Tom Clancy's The Division now has either two or three-piece bonuses, as reported by Inquisitr. The two-piece gives the player 10 percent of the so-called skill haste, while the three-piece is to 10 percent of skill power.

Heck, there are even new World Tiers and gear changes coming to Tom Clancy's The Division. And take note: in these world levels, the enemies' strength has been adjusted while the way weapons work are significantly tweaked. And yes, there are more of these features -- something that fans can check here.

In one way or another, it's safe to say that the forthcoming Tom Clany's The Division update 1.4 is promising. By the look of the features and fixes it'll bring, it seems the game will back to its full capacity. But of course, until it gets released, only then can players judge it.

As for the question of will the aforementioned update be enough for Tom Clancy's The Division, it definitely is. It even looks more exciting now than it was several weeks ago. Now, all fans can hope are for these to become true.

What are your thoughts on Tom Clancy's The Division update 1.4 as well as the promised changes/features? Are you excited as well? Let us know at the comment section below!

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