Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Microsoft Sells More Units Than Sony For 3 Months Straight

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Microsoft Sells More Units Than Sony For 3 Months Straight
Is it high time for Microsoft's Xbox One to beat Sony's PlayStation 4 at its own game? Photo : Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Xbox & Gears of War 4

Is Microsoft finally beating Sony? For the past three months, more Xbox One units are being sold than the PlayStation 4. Does this mean that it can finally catch up to the Japanese giant or is this just a stroke of luck?

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Microsoft Is Crawling Through First Place

According to the NPD group (via The Verge), the Xbox One is the number one console in the months of July, August and September, beating the previously dominating PlayStation 4. Though Microsoft fans can't get too excited yet as the figures are based in U.S. sales only. Adding up the total sales from the time the consoles were released, the PlayStation 4 still wins by a mile.

Even so, a 3-month streak is still a cause of celebration as it is the longest Xbox has ever held the top-selling console title in history. In fact, an Xbox executive has already celebrated on Twitter.

"So grateful to everyone who helped us get back on top!" Aaron Greenberg said with the hashtag #DontCallItAComeback, GameSpot reported. Later on he made another Tweet saying "#Momentum #XboxOneS."

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: To What Does Microsoft Owe The Gratitude?

The boost in sales can be attributed to the recently launched Xbox One S. It is a smaller refresh of the original console, but don't let its size fool you. The cute little box has internal storage that can go up to 2TB with the minimum at 500GB.

It can also support 4K video streaming and HDR, making it better than all current consoles. However, the upgrades don't mean much if you already own an Xbox One. It is better to wait for the much more powerful Xbox Scorpio where you can enjoy gaming in glorious 4K resolution (that is, if you own a 4K TV).

Nevertheless, Microsoft scored big time with its release plus slashing off huge discounts from the Xbox's original prices. Although it can be noted that PlayStation 4 Pro, which is the competitor to the Scorpio and is undeniably more powerful than the One S, will be released on Nov. 10.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Microsoft Will Surrender The Crown Soon

After the PlayStation 4 Pro is launched, we can all expect PS4 sales to rise back to the top. It may even be the dominant console in the upcoming holiday, after which we can see the overall sales in 2016. I'm not hoping much, but if Microsoft can manage to turn their fate around and top the November and December months, then they may finally have a fighting chance against Sony.

It also seems that they are pretty confident in the Xbox Scorpio, which they claim as the "most powerful console ever made." Can the Xbox Scorpio allow Microsoft to catch up with the millions of difference in sales in U.S. alone? We'll just have to see.

Right now, even Xbox head Phil Spencer is not betting on it. But with the recent boost in Xbox One sales, he may finally be motivated enough to beat Sony's PlayStation 4.

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