Apple Watch Nike+ Roundup: Everything You Need To Know About The Wearable Device

Apple's new smartwatch has been revealed. The new Apple Watch Nike+ will be available on October 28, just in time to meet the company's promised late October launch window.

The design

Visually, the Apple Watch Nike+'s appearance is similar to the classic iWatch. According to Engadget, it is going to be available in four different cases and band combos. There is a space-gray aluminum with a black and neon-yellow band, or a black and gray band. There is also a silver aluminum case that comes in with a silver/white band combo, or a silver and neon-yellow band.


The screen is seriously bright and even under direct sunlight, it had zero problems or whatsoever. There is also a built-in GPS that is much recommended for fitness fans, because it provides very accurate results. You may also find more about its features at Wareable.

Answering Phone Calls

The Apple Watch Nike+ also lets you answer phone calls from your watch. What is great about it is you don't have to get a separate data plan for the watch itself, because with the smartwatch, it piggybacks right off of your phone.

Notifications come through perfectly with options to responsd back to text messages either by quick responses provided by the screen or voice recognition. Scribbling is also an option.

Homescreen Change

The homescreen wallpaper can be changed without needing to download or access through the app on your phone. Though you can indeed download several backgrounds, there are already a number of pre-installed backgrounds to choose from.

Sport Features

With its built in GPS, it also gives accurate data of your movement, exercise, stand and heart rate. It is also waterproof, so sweating and swimming poses no threat. For runners, it shows the data of the calories burned, distance ran, total time, average heart rate and average pace. It also records the calories you burned, distance covered, total time, average heart rate and average pace.

Battery Life And Price

The original Apple Watch wasn't great battery-wise. With the great expectation from the people of extending its battery life, the new Apple Watch gives users an extra day, which is much appreciated by fans of the wearble device. 

The Apple Watch Nike+ starts at $369 for the smaller, 38mm edition and $399.99 for the 42mm version. The smartwatches will be available on October 28.  

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