Google Pixel Now The World's Finest Phone; Steals Apple iPhone's Crown

Just not so long ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was hailed as the "finest" phone in the world, but since the device was discontinued, the title has been held by Apple's iPhone 7. But now, two new phones are on the scene to steal the show. Internet giant Google has launched two new smartphones, the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

Buyers, however, do not need to panic when determining which one of the two phones that Google has launched is better. Unlike the iPhone 7, the only obvious difference between the two is their screens, with one having a 5.5-inch screen, while the other had a smaller 5-inch panel. Aside from that, the hardware and internals of the device are identical.

The Display And Camera

Compared to the reigning world's finest phone, the iPhone 7, the Google Pixel has a larger and crisper display. The iPhone 7, however, has 3D Touch functionality. Screen-wise, the iPhone7's LCD panel loses to the Google Pixel's AMOLED display.

The Google Pixel and the iPhone 7's cameras are pretty much neck-in-neck, with both having 12 MP rear sensors. The iPhone 7, however, has a wider aperture. The Google Pixel makes up for this, however, with a far better front camera, which is lauded as one of the best. 

The Hardware And Software

Google Pixel and iPhone 7 both have quad-core processors, but the Google Pixel has more RAM support. The Google Pixel also has a bigger battery capacity. The iPhone 7 has a very notable advantage, however, in the form of the device's waterproofing capabilities. 

The operating systems of the two devices could be no more different, with the Google Pixel running Vanilla Android and the iPhone 7 running iOS. Both devices also have personal assistants.

What Makes The Google Pixel And Google Pixel XL The World's Finest Phones?

These phones are true flagship devices, which means that they will be the first in line for security and software updates, which will download automatically in the background should you wish. They will also be the first phones to come with the with the Google Assistant built in. The Google Pixels marks another first too, as they are the first phones that are compatible with Google's new Daydream virtual reality platform.

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