Nintendo NX Reveal Scheduled For October 21, Demo Units To Roll Out February 2017

The Nintendo NX has been 2016's most elusive game console, with the Japanese company refusing to give out any details regarding its upcoming device. For months, fans have held onto nothing but a March 2017 release date and a few comments from gaming execs. Now, more than ever, expectations are piling up as the device is expected for an October 21 reveal.

According to Express UK, Macquarie Group has confirmed that all signs point to a Nintendo NX unveiling next week, most likely on October 21. This date would fit into previous reports that the reveal would happen during a Nintendo Direct event. This means that the much-awaited console will be announced during an online event.

In addition, the publication claims that retailers in various markets will obtain their demo units by February, an entire month before the console is expected to go on sale. This will give interested buyers ample time to gain knowledge on the Nintendo NX before purchasing. Theoretically, the demo device acts in lieu of releasing an official statement on the game device.

As Tweak Town reports, Nintendo's investor briefing will be held on October 26. Logically, it would make sense for the company to unveil its biggest announcement a few days before the scheduled brief. This will give its investors some leeway to check how the Nintendo NX is being received in the market.

At this point, the Nintendo NX is expected to be priced somewhere between US$349 and US$399. This estimation puts the device almost atpar with the pricing of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, which are undoubtedly more powerful consoles. But as the NX is expected to arrive to arrive with a number of new features, this might be understandable.

The Nintendo NX, though unconfirmed, is expected to be a hybrid device which players can use on the go and as a home dock. Furthermore, the device is expected to be VR compatible. What is sure, is that various gaming execs have already lauded the upcoming game unit.

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