'Girl Meets World' Season 3 On Hiatus After Halloween Episode; Season 4 Up For Cancellation

By Marion Villareal , Oct 17, 2016 06:21 PM EDT

Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World" season three recently aired its special Halloween episode and it has been confirmed that the series will be taking a three-week hiatus for now. This has then sparked cancellation rumors once more.

Will "Girl Meets World" Ever Be Renewed For Season 4 Either By Disney Or Freeform?

Despite all the efforts exerted by the fans of the series, it looks like "Girl Meets World" really is up for cancellation after season three. They have created online petitions, made their voices heard on social media and the like, but it the actors of the show have hinted out already bidding their goodbyes to the cast.

Up until now, Disney Channel has not made any statement yet as to the renewal of "Girl Meets World" for season four. However, this may not concern the fans so much. They have been pushing for the series to be picked up by Freeform, the home network of its predecessor show "Boy Meets World." They want Free form to pick up the series so that they will be able to tackle more mature issues that may not fall under the limitations of Disney Channel, since it is a kids' network.

Cast Of The Show Talk About Goodbyes On Social Media; Teasing Cancellation

The characters are already growing up and season three of "Girl Meets World" may end with Maya and Riley graduating from highschool. The fans want to see them both go off to college and experience the real life, more love stories and more mature issues. However, with the silence from both Networks involved, it is likely the show won't be renewed for season four anymore.

One of its actors, August Maturo teased the possible cancellation when he posted a tweet about not being ready to say goodbye to the cast and crew. They have been together in this series for three years now and have definitely made a family out of their work. Thus, ending the show would really affect not just the fans but the ones portraying the roles as well.

Currently, "Girl Meets World" is running its third season on Disney Channel, however on a short hiatus for now. The show will return on November 4.

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