Fun Facts About The Episodic Series Of The Simpsons

By Topher Pimienta , Oct 17, 2016 11:05 PM EDT
There's a reason why The Simpsons is still here and the biggest one is Homer Simpson. (Photo : funnyvideos / youtube)

The Simpsons is the longest running TV series in history. For almost two decades, Springfield's chaotic family ruled the television and there's no stopping them.

Led by the greatest comic creation of all time and also the greatest character of the last 20 years, Homer Simpson. Homer J. Simpson is a simple man with a simple life. All he wants is to eat donuts, drink beer and make love to her wife, Marge. Marge on the other hand is the over protective but fun loving mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

The Simpson family embarks their everyday life with their normal day to day activities. Homer, who works at a Nuclear power plant who owns by Mr. Burns is like any other employer. He wakes up in the morning, eats his breakfast, go to work, then drink with his friends after.

The family has a unique relationship to each other specially the father and son duo. Homer has the habit of choking Bart if he made mistakes that pisses Homer off. On the other hand, Bart will do anything possible just to ruin Homer's day. Lisa is the complete opposite of Bart, while Bart is considered as the headache, Lisa is considered as the antidote. Together, they form a pact and rivalry that only a true brother and sister have.

The Simpsons is already on its 27th season but let me tell you some facts that you still don't know about the legendary TV series. So let's go ahead and check them out.

1.The word "d'oh" commonly used by Homer Simpson was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001 The word's defined as: "Expressing frustration at the realization that things have turned out badly or not as planned, or that one has just said or done something foolish

2. Bart Simpson's name is an anagram of BRAT. His full name is Bartholomew Jojo Simpson.

3. All characters on The Simpson's have just 4 fingers on each hand,except for one with five: God.

4. It took Danny Elfman just two days to compose The Simpsons' famous theme in 1989.

5. In the opening scene, Maggie used to ring up on the cash register as $847.63 because in 1989, that was the estimated price of raising a baby for one month.

6. Whenever Bart prank calls Moe's Tavern, he dials the number 764-84377 (which is one digit longer than an American phone number need be). It spells out "SMITHERS".

7. Comic Book Guy's real name is Jeff Albertson, and Bumblebee Man goes by the name of Pedro.

8. The Simpson's couch gag is actually a trick used by the writers to make the show longer or shorter.

9. There are plenty of animals in the show: Patty and Selma's iguana is named Jub Jub, Krusty's monkey is called Mr. Teeny, Homer's helper monkey went Mojo and Mr. Burns' fighting monkey was called Furious George.

10. As you likely already know, most opening credits feature a unique message written on the school blackboard by Bart. A few previous messages have included: "I was not touched ‘there' by an angel", "Pork is not a verb" and "I will not whittle hall passes out of soap"

Lastly, The Simpsons proved that it needs a lot of chemistry and versatility to survive a TV series. Their creativity is off the charts and already produced successful writers such as Conan O'Brien. Let us watch some of the funniest scenes from The Simpsons.

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